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Basically ANY monster ( with certain exclusions ) you kill has a chance for additional item drops that are not listed by the monster.

- Exclusions:

Monsters spawned in the Test Room Instance

Monsters spawned from an MvP or other boss monster ( slaves )


Item Amount
1910000207.png Random Shadow Box 1
1910000210.png Ancient Fortessa Coin 1
1910000209.png Dual Stone Box 1
12210.png Bubble Gum 1
6635.png Blacksmith Blessing 1~3
12103.png Bloody Branch 1~5
51006.png Moonlight Coin 1
51006.png Moonlight Coin 10~25
12211.png Kafra Card 10
51007.png Moon Coin 10~50
51022.png Alternate Outfit Ticket 1